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Comments about Israel-Palestine: A Christian Response to The Conflict

“This book is essential reading if you really care about a resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in our lifetime. Craig Nielsen’s honest and balanced book not only traces the root causes but also offers specific answers from a Christian perspective. He demonstrates from history and Scripture that peace and reconciliation is indeed possible, but can only be achieved through justice and equality. The sooner Western Christians, in particular, hear his prophetic call, the sooner we will become part of the answer rather than the problem.”
Stephen Sizer, author, Zion’s Christian Soldiers?:
The Bible, Israel and the Church

“This book successfully highlights the complexity and tragic dynamics behind the Arab-Israeli conflict, and boldly criticizes wrongdoing on both sides. The author draws attention to the disquieting contradiction between the immoral behavior of the Israeli Government and the Jewish values it is supposed to be upheld. The open-minded reader will put down this book with profound sympathy for and disappointment with all parties involved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       J. E. Friedman, a prospective Reform Rabbinical student and member of the American Council for Judaism

“I am sorry to take so long to get back to you. I actually got engrossed in reading the book and neglected the purpose for which it was sent! We are pleased that Mr. Nielsen would choose to remember Rachel in this way. We look forward to the book’s publication.”
Craig Corrie, Rachel Corrie’s father

Read Craig Michael Nielsen’s well-researched book and weep for Israel and weep for your persecuted fellow Christians in Palestine. We must stop defending the radically anti-Christian Zionist movement. It’s not anti-Semitic to oppose Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. It’s anti-Christian to accept it. Find out how wrong we have been about Israel. Then demand that the U.S. stop funding the Palestinian Holocaust. It’s the Christian thing to do.
Peter Mead
U.S. Editor & Journalist

“I believe this book will have a place in history, if we placed in the right hands! Superbly written and documented! I’ll be praying for its reception and that it will be useful for a deeper understanding at least among Western Christians who certainly don’t understand the roots of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.”
Mary Perry
Freelance writer & editor

“Most Americans, particularly evangelical Christians, are supportive of the nation of Israel unconditionally and view Palestinians as “terrorists” and “enemies of peace.” Often evangelicals will appeal to Biblical promises in order to support their views. For over 60 years Christians in the West have been exposed to the Israel/Palestine conflict through the exclusive lens of “Zionism”—a secular political outlook that is distinct from Judaism. The Zionist narrative forms the outlook for most evangelicals and, as a result, the Palestinian (particularly the Palestinian Christian) account of things rarely gains a fair hearing within evangelical ranks. This book is among the growing number of evangelical re-evaluations of the conflict which seek to hold the state of Israel to a consistent standard of justice regarding its treatment of the Palestinian people. Unflinching in his recounting of secular Zionist history and political manoeuvring, the author likewise clarifies the often-overlooked distinction between Zionism and the Jewish people. He brings a sharp and much-needed critique to the former, while at the same time expressing a genuine love and respect for the latter. I recommend this book to Christians  looking to understand the conflict at a deeper level and those seeking to be the peacemakers the Jewish Messiah calls us to be.”
J. M. Smith
Founder, Disciple Dojo,

Well . . . a provocative read that paints a picture not often seen in popular evangelical writings. For that reason alone, it’s worth the read, and worth the discussion and debate it engenders.
Ian Miller B.Th. (Tabor Adelaide, S.A.)
Senior Pastor Hornsby Community Church. Sydney, N.S.W.

“As a Christian, I am very disturbed when Israel persecutes Palestinian Christians and desecrates Christian holy sites while continuously claiming to be a democracy. The guiding political paradigm is Zionism, and like ALL extremist ideologies it must be recognized, understood, and exposed. Continuously drawing upon a  “Holocaust” card as a way to justify despicable acts of violence and injustice is ruthlessly deceitful. To believe that God would bless such actions or that religiously one is given a carte blanche to commit crimes against humanity belies a sad truth about present day Israel: It understands little, if anything about the heart of God. Tragically, Zionism is disconnected from a simple law—we reap what we sow. With each act of injustice, aggression and wanton act of violence Israel commits, it only creates greater isolation and fear for itself, and its inhabitants. By its very OWN actions it erodes the fibre of its society—mentally, physically, morally, and spiritually.”
Dr. Susan Diskic
Palestinian Rights Activists

Written with a sense of urgency and strong commitment, this book combines a genuine and profound sympathy for the Jewish people with a forthright rejection of Zionism; it provides a powerful, personal story of how a Christian mind comes to see the Israel-Palestine conflict in a completely new light and is highly engaging and thought-provoking.
Dr. Brian Trainor
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Social Criticism
Head of Postgraduate Studies in Humanities at Tabor Adelaide, S.A.

An honest, passionate and creative attempt to formulate a Christian response to incessant violence in the Holy Land. Professor Yakov M. Rabkin, Montreal University, Canada.
Author of A Threat from Within: A Century of Jewish
Opposition to Zionism.