The Israel-Palestine issue continues to divide Christians all over the world and a solution to the problem of Palestinian rights to self determination in their land of birth seems further away than ever. How can Christians respond to this ongoing oppression? This blog gives a new perspective countering what has been called the fastest growing cult in America…Christian Zionism.

It also seeks to challenge the media driven hype and misinformation about this issue and seeks to give a forum to those who recognise that, while we have our differences, Jews, Muslims and Christians can live together in peace and mutual respect in the Holy Land as well as the rest of the world.

Craig Nielsen lives in Adelaide, South Australia and is author of “Israel-Palestine: A Christian Response to the Conflict” (the book has recently been republished and will be available from Amazon Books). Initially from a Pentecostal background, Craig worships at Fishgate Uniting Church in Adelaide and works as a Secondary School Mathematics teacher. He is a member of Australian Friends of Palestine Association and Action for Palestine, a club affiliated with the Clubs Association of the University of Adelaide. He can be contacted at cmnselection(at)