Just adding a few thoughts on from my last post. One other reason that I can not support the doctrines of Christian Zionism relates to the outrageous bias and racism that seems to be associated with this theology, if one could call it that. Let me explain…

As a supporter of the Palestinian people in their search for justice and peace in their homeland, I am equally concerned with the rights of Israelis and Jewish people in general no matter where they live. I would not want to see the homes of Israelis bulldozed in the manner that Palestinian homes are at the present. I don’t wish to see checkpoints run by Palestinians pop up all over Israel causing the same humiliations and frustrations that the Palestinian people now endure on a daily basis.

I do not lobby for the creation of a Palestinian state that would be owned by Arabs in a manner that non-Arab residents never could, as is the case in Zionist Israel today where Jews own the Israeli state in a manner that Arabs do not and never can. Descrimination and racism are equally abhorent no matter who it is directed at or by whom it comes from.

I believe in the rights of Israelis to live their lives in peace and security throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world. No Palestinian has the arbitrary right to dispossess them no matter what the alleged justification is, be it religious or otherwise.

In otherwords, I believe in the rights of both parties and consider this to part of a God given mandate to every person on Earth. Yet I would clearly have to abandon this God given mandate if I were to become an advocate of Christian Zionism. Christian Zionists show no concern for the rights of Palestinians. They could not care less if millions of Palestinian Arabs are dispossessed and forced to live in refugee camps. They consider that Jews have every right to expell Arabs from their homes in Israel or the Occupied territories and care nothing for the plight of these people once they have been disposseessed. In the minds of Christian Zionists, the Palestinians deserve this fate as they are illegal occupiers of the Jewish homeland and since they come under God’s wrath, then they should come under our wrath as well.

Christian Zionists abhor acts of terrorism by Arabs and Muslims, but show not the slightest interest in condemning the terrorist acts of groups like the Irgun, The Stern Gang and the Haganah. In my ,and the case of every Palestinian solidarity activist I have ever met, ALL acts of terrorism are equally tragic and must be condemned.

To be a Christian Zionist requires that you must abandon any ideas of equality of human beings with regards to any of the rights that we would normally consider to be fundamental. This is something I simply will not do and no person should be asked to do anything but condemn such ideas.