What every Christian Zionist Needs to Know.

Modern day narratives surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict invariably portray the Israelis as victims of terror, trying to survive in a hostile part of the world. A part of the world bent on the Jewish people’s destruction with no legitimate grounds for any type of grievance against the Zionist state of Israel. Even if conditions are difficult for Palestinians, they have brought those  conditions on themselves (or maybe their anti-Semitic leadership have). Without a doubt, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a problem that the west believes is 99% the fault of the Arab world. It is the Arabs who resort to terrorism rather than take the road of compromise. It is they, and their Jihadist, anti-Semitic leaders that are the reason why the conflict has gone on for so long. Who could negotiate with such monsters? Just as we should never have negotiated with Hitler, so we should give up on the Arab world; they are just too barbaric.

Not surprisingly, any attempt to paint a more balanced view, of this basically racist picture, gets very little play in western media outlets. For this reason I believe it is worthy for us to remember that on July 22nd, 1946, the worst terrorist attack in the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict was perpetrated by Zionist terrorists. The bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on that day killed 92 British, Jewish and Arab personnel and wounded a further 58. The King David Hotel WAS NOT A MILITARY INSTALLATION. It was the Headquarters of the British Mandatory Authority in Palestine.

The Chief Secretary for the Government of Palestine, Sir John Shaw stated:

“As head of the Secretariat, the majority of the dead and wounded were my own staff, many of whom I have known personally for eleven years. They are more than official colleagues. British, Arabs, Jews, Greeks, Armenians; senior officers, police, my orderly, my chauffeur, messengers, guards, men and women-young and old-they were my friends.”

“No man could wish to be served by a more industrious, loyal and honest group of ordinary decent people. Their only crime was their devoted, unselfish and impartial service to Palestine and its people. For this they have been rewarded by cold-blooded mass murder.”

The King David Hotel bombing was not merely an isolated attack by Zionist extremists as is always claimed when supporters of the Zionist state are forced to face this “skeleton in the closet”, but a premeditated massacre conducted by the Irgun in agreement with the highest Jewish political authorities in Palestine – the Jewish agency and its leader, David Ben Gurion.

Yitshaq Ben-Ami, a Palestinian Jew, spent 30 years in exile after the creation of the Zionist state investigating what he claims are the crimes of the “ruthless clique heading the internal Zionist movement”.

The initial plan was to give the British 35 minutes advanced warning to evacuate the King David Hotel. In true Zionist fashion, the perpetrators of this vicious act blame the British for the lethality of the attack since the British did not manage to clear the building in time. Enders and Sandler declare that, “This incident was the role model for the massive bombings of the 1980’s and beyond.” (2006, p. 250). In 2006, the Zionist government in Israel held a black tie commemorative dinner to honour the perpetrators of this terrorist attack. They claim that their advanced warning of the bombing absolves them of any claims that it was a terrorist attack. Though the IRA and the Baader-Meinhoff did the same thing, they have never received the same absolution that the Zionists say they have earned.

Members of the Irgun publicly took responsibility for the bombing and later claimed that they had recieved the consent of the Haganah Command and by default, the approval of the Jewish Agency.  The motivation for the attack was to destroy all evidence that the British Mandatory Authority had gathered that proved that the wave of terrorist violence in Palestine was not just the acts of extremists on the margins of Zionism like the Irgun and the Stern Gang, but had been committed with the approval of the Haganah and the Palmach. The Haganah and the Palmach were groups under the direct authority of the Jewish Agency, the highest political authority of Zionism in Palestine. Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, both major leaders of the Irgun at the time of the bombing, later became Israeli Prime Ministers.

British Prime Minister Clement Attlee made the following statement in the House of Commons shortly after the terrorist attack on the King David Hotel:

“On July 22, 1946, one of the most dastardly and cowardly crimes in recorded history took place. We refer to the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Ninety-two persons lost their lives in that stealthy attack, 45 were injured, among whom there were many high officials, junior officials and office personnel, both men and women. The King David was used as an office housing the Secretariat of the Palestine Government and British Army Headquarters. The attack was made on 22nd July at about 12 o’clock noon when offices are usually in full swing. The attackers, disguised as milkmen, carried the explosives in milk containers, placed in the basement of the Hotel and ran away.”

The Zionist Government of Israel is unrepentant to this day. Can we imagine our response to any Arab state that openly celebrated a terrorist attack as vicious as that committed in 1946? What would be our evaluation of any country who elected its leaders from the ranks of the masterminds of acts that our own governments have declared to be terrorist outrages? I think our Christian Zionist church leaders would be calling for us to bomb those countries into the stone age. When Christian Zionists wrap themselves in the Israeli flag they must realize that they are wrapping themselves in the symbols of a secular political movement that rejects the Torah and its values. It is a movement whose true Genesis has nothing to do with the promises of God to Abraham, but a movement that got where it is today via acts of murder, land theft and terrorist attacks like that of the King David Hotel bombing on July 22nd, 1946.


Enders, W., Sanders, T. (2006). The Political Economy of Terrorism.  Cambridge University Press.

Craig Nielsen